Hi, I'm Erika. This is a blog for the TV show 'Arrow'.

* Currently on hiatus until I have a set schedule for myself. School's been taking a toll on me lately. I apologize.

I don’t think that bolt of lightning struck you, Barry. I think it chose you because you can inspire people, watching over your city like a guardian angel, making a difference, saving people in a flash.

Are you planning on doing more monochrome gifs? btw love your blog!

Thank you! I’m currently on hiatus right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in the habit of updating frequently again when my new quarter starts. I’m sure I’ll make some more monochrome gifs.

Tag your spoilers PLEASE

I don’t tag spoilers for the simple fact that this is an Arrow blog. There’s going to be constant spoilers. I apologize but if you’re unhappy with it, just unfollow.


I should have done this quite awhile ago but it’s better late than never, right? I’m going on a hiatus for a little bit simply because I’m finding that I don’t have a lot of time to keep up with as many blogs as I usually can keep up with. It’s hard enough getting on my personal. I’ll be getting caught up with gifs and everything as I get time to do it. I believe I’m three episodes behind but it’s not really a big deal. There’s a lot of fantastic Arrow blogs out there that provide just as much content as I have. School is just really hectic for me. I’ve been applying for jobs and so that may come into the picture soon. I’ll be reblogging things and posting at random but for right now, I’m not able to sit down and edit much of anything at this point. I’m really sorry and I hope you all understand. I’ll be back as soon as I can. I love you guys and thank you for sticking it out for me.



Arrow requested psd #8 download here

• adjust brightness and vibrance according to scenes

• contains vibrance

• adjust color balance to achieve a more bluish or greenish color or adjust selective color if you just want to enhance some particular color

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- Is that judgement I’m hearing ?     
-  Pride.

Can I get something with olives?